PCRA Poem/Song Contest win prizes up to Rs. 20,000

Petroleum Conservation Research Association (PCRA), under the aegis of Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas, Govt. of India, is committed to make oil conservation a National Movement. As a part of its mandate, Poem/Song Contest is being conducted.

The contest shall be conducted in Hindi only (in Devanagri script)

Save fuel for Better Environment and Health
बेहतर पर्यावरण और स्वास्थ्य के लिए तेल बचत

The contest will be conducted in the following three categories:
1. School students of affiliated boards recognized in India (students will have to upload copy of valid school ID along with the entry)
2. College/University Students (students will have to upload copy of valid college/university ID along with the entry)
3. Open – for general public

Prizes to be:
First prize (one in each category): Branded Tab or mobile handset (approximately Rs. 20,000/- each)
Second prize (one in each category): Rs. 10,000/- (gift voucher)
Third prize (one in each category): Rs. 5,000/- (gift voucher)
Five consolation prizes (in each category): Rs. 3,000/- (gift voucher)

The last date of submission is 15th August 2018

Terms & Conditions
1. The poem/song should be related to the theme.
2. The poem/song should have minimum twelve and maximum twenty lines neatly
composed in stanzas.
3. Poems/songs containing offensive or inappropriate language or political overtones will
not be accepted.
4. Poems/songs should be original compositions and no plagiarism will be
entertained/considered for evaluation. PCRA will be indemnified for any issue arising out
of plagiarism and the participant concerned will be liable forthe same.
5. Participants can submit maximum one entry in one category. In case participant submits
one entry in each category, the entry has to be different. More than one entry of the
same poem/song in any categorywill lead to disqualification.
6. PCRA reserves the right to club the categories depending on the participation. PCRA
also reserves its right to rationalize the prizes in case the entries do not conform to the
general standard of entries. The decision of PCRA in this regard will be final and
7. Studentswillhavetouploadcopyofvalidschool/college/universityIDalongwiththe
8. Only those students studying in schools that are recognized by Central & State Boards in
India can participate.
9. The decision of the Jury/Expert committee appointed by PCRA will be final and
bindingin respect of all ma5ers concerning the competition.
10. TheentriessubmittedwouldbethesolepropertyofPCRA,withrighttouse andrightto
editfor anypurpose it considers appropriate.
11. Employees of PCRA (and their immediate family members including spouse, children,
parents and parentsin law are not eligible forthe prizes).

Participants are required to send their entries to socialconnect@pcra.org or MyGov. Please
note that uploading of school/college ID along with the entries is mandatory and any entry
received without the same shall be rejected.

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