Operating System 2017 – BSc Computer Science Part 2 (MJPRU)

Paper code: 13513
B.Sc. (Computer Science) (Part 2)
Examination, 2017
Paper No. 2.1

Time: Three Hours] [Maximum Marks: 33


Note: Attempt five questions in all selecting one question from each unit.


1. (a) ‘Operating System work as a resource manager.’ Explain this statement.

(b) Explain the following:

  1. Operating System Services
  2. Multiprogramming Operation System

2. (a) Explain the following:

  1. Contiguous allocation method
  2. Single level directory system

(b) Explain Hierarchical model of file system.


3. (a) Explain the process view of operating system.

(b)Explain job scheduler and process scheduler.

4. (a) Explain the evaluation of Round Robin multi-programming performance.

(b) What is Race Condition? Explain deadly embraces.


5. (a) Explain dynamic partition specification with example.

(b) Explain the First-Fit partition algorithm.

6. (a) What is Fragmentation? How can it be overcome?

(b) Explain the following:

(i) Virtual demand paging

(ii) Differentiate paging and segmentation


7. (a) Explain access matrix and its implementation.

(b) What is Resource Protection? Explain dynamic protection structure.

8. Explain the following:

(i) Domain and Protection

(ii) Markov Model

(iii) Resource Protection Mechanism


9. (a) What is WINDOWS NT? Explain its utility.

(b) Explain the following terms:

  1. PDC
  2. BDC

10. Explain any three of the following:

  1. Web Server
  2. DNS and DHCP
  3. Installation of WINDOWS NT Steps
  4. Swapping and Spooling


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