Differential Calculus and Differential Equation 2018 – BSc Computer Science Part 1

Paper code: 13502
B.sc. (Computer Science) (Part 1)
Examination, 2018
Paper No. 1.2

Time: Three Hours]
[Maximum Marks: 50

Note: Attempt five questions in all selecting one question from each Section. All questions carry equal marks.


1. (a) Find nth differential coefiicient of :

\sin^{5}x \cos^{3}x

    (b) If y=e^{a \sin^{-1} x}, find the values of (y_{n})_{0}.

2. (a) Expand 2x^{3}+7x^{2}+x-1 in power of (x-2).

    (b) State and prove Maclaurin’s theorem.

3. (a) Evaluate :

\lim_{x\rightarrow 0}\left ( \frac{\tan x}{x} \right )^{1/x^{2}}

    (b) Find the angle between the radius vector and tangent for the curve :

r=a(1+\cos \Theta) at point (r, \Theta)

4. (a) Find the length of polar subtangent of the parabola :

\frac{2a}{r} = 1 + \cos \Theta

(b) Evaluate :

\lim_{x\rightarrow 0}\frac{(1+x)^{1/x}-e}{x}


5. (a) Evaluate :

\int_{0}^{\pi/2} \log\sin x dx

    (b) Evaluate \int_{a}^{b} x^{2} dx by summation.

6. (a) Evaluate :

\int \frac{2x^{2}+3x+4}{x^{2}+6x+10}dx

    (b) Evaluate :

\int \frac{1-4x-2x^{2}}{\sqrt{2x-x^{2}}}dx

7. (a) Solve :

\frac{dy}{dx} = e^{x-y} + x^{2} e^{-y}

    (b) Solve the following :

\frac{dy}{dx} + (2x\tan^{-1}y - x^{3})(1+y^{2})=0


8. (a) Solve:


    (b) Evaluate the following :

\frac{d^{4}y}{dx^{4}}+\frac{d^{2}}{dx^{2}}+y = ax^{2} + be^{-x} \sin 2x

9. (a) Solve :

\frac{d^{2}y}{dx^{2}}+a^{2}y=\tan ax

      (b) Solve :

x^{2} \frac{d^{2}y}{dx^{2}}-3x\frac{dy}{dx}+y= \frac{\log x \sin (\log x)+1}{x}

10. (a) Solve :

\frac{dx}{dt} + wy =0

\frac{dy}{dt} - wx =0

      (b) Solve :

\frac{d^{2}y}{dx^{2}}+a^{2}y=\cos ax



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