Computer Fundamentals 2015 – BSc Computer Science Part 1

Paper code: 13504
1504 (Computer Science) (Part 1)
Examination, 2015
Paper No. 2.1

Time: Three Hours] [Maximum Marks: 33


Note: Attempt five questions in all section. Attempt any one question from each Section.


1. (a) Explain data processing and information processing with example.

(b) Convert the following:

  1. (10110.11101)2 into octal
  2. (46.57)8 into hexadecimal
  3. (0.96)10 into octal
  4. (5B.3A)16 into octal

2. (a) What is BSD? Explain ASCII-7 and ASCII-8

(b) Using 1’s compliment solves:

  1. 1101-1001
  2. 101-0.11
  3. 0.11-0101
  4. 101101÷101


3. (a) What are the various types of semiconductor memory?

(b) Discuss virtual memory and cache memory.

4. (a) Discuss the function of floppy disk and hard disk controller.

(b) What are serial access memory devices? Discuss their advantages.


5. (a) Explain the requirements of a programme counter, a stack pointer and status flags in a microprocessor.

(b) Discuss the function of MAR and MBR.

6. (a) What is the purpose of providing register in a CPU? Explain with example.

(b) Explain the following:

  1. Reverse polish notation
  2. Memory stack


7. (a) Explain batch processing and real time operating system.

(b) Explain the classification of computer.

8. (a) Explain time-sharing and multi-tasking operating system.

(b) Explain the following:

  1. System software
  2. Firmware
  3. Utility software


9. (a) Explain the use of computer in education and training.

(b) Explain the role of computer in internet and e-Commerce.

10. Explain any two of the following:

  1. Optical disk and pen drive
  2. Parallel computer
  3. Satellite communication
  4. Fifth generation computer


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