Basic Electronics 2018 – BSc Computer Science Part 1

Paper Code: 13507
B.Sc. (Computer Science) (Part 1)
Examination, 2018
Paper No. 3.1

Time: Three Hours] [Maximum Marks: 33

Note: Attempt all the five questions in all. Question No. 1 is compulsory.

1. Explain the characterstics of passive and active componenets and also explain RC and RL circuit. 5

2. (a) With block diagram explain the working principle of CRD. 4

    (b) Explain the application of resistors, inductors and capacitors. 3

3. (a) Explain Kirchhoff’s current of voltage law with the help of circuit diagram. 4

    (b) Explain the concept of superposition theorem. 3

4. (a) Explain the operation of PN-junction diode uuder forward and reverse bias condition. 4

    (b) Explain the concept of Thevenin’s theorem. 3

5. (a) What is an OP-AMP ? Mention the application of OP-AMP.4

    (b) Write down the various characteristics of BJTS. Explain. 3

6. (a) WHat is Oscillator ? Give its application. 4

    (b) Explain inverting and non-inverting amplifier. 3

7. (a) Explain with block diagram of power supply transformer. 4

    (b) Define rectifier. Explain the different types of rectifier. 3


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