Why Should I Join Self4Society-By PM Modi

Why Should I Join Self4Society-By PM Modi appeals to 4 million IT professionals to join the cause of nation building.

On many occasions, what sarkar can’t do, Sanskar can do: PM Modi

Because Social Responsibility is everyone’s business: Self4Society

Self4Society- “Bringing synergy for sociental change”

NEW INDIA CHAMPIONS is open participate now click one button.

Respected Prime Minister announced at Townhall interaction with IT professionals a new social services scheme “Self4Society“, whose motive is “I to We“.
PM Narendra Modi appeals to 4 million IT professionals to join the cause of nation building.
Every Non Goverenment Organizations (NGO’s), Company or even any individual person can join this campain.
They can create the group of their company’s members and complete their task.


Some of the popular tasks, those are being use frequently are here-
#Cleaning India
#Community Welfare Drives
#Creating Digital India
#Creating Digital Literacy
#Creating Financial Awareness

Participating Entry:

  • 166 Organisations
  • 905 Initiatives
  • 17977 Volunteers

Popular Organisations:

Desibol, Salcomp, KPIT, Ckelp, XORIANT, DELL EMC, CREo, ETECH, Evolutyz, FOXCONN, Paytm, OktoServe, EASY GOV, wipro, HCL Foundation, TechBridge, aitOuch, <!KoderTroop>, CODEFULE, MAQ Software, HP Enterprizes, TechBridge, Microvision, GURUJADA and so on.

Implementation Partners:


Best Individuals in “NEW INDIA CHAMPIONS” #Self4Society:

Frost Service (akila) with 1384 Goodness Points.

Urika Rikhi with 1310 Goodness Points.

Diksha with 1095 Goodness Points.

Navneet with 1065 Goodness Points.

Md Sahnawaz Ahmed with 1033 Goodness Points.

The main motive of PM Modi behind Self4Society is “Every educated person should have an responsibility for society that it helps the uneducated or needed persons and make the nation building.” If every competent person or organization try to improve our nation so our India will never remain poor or forlorn.

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