System Analysis And Design 2018 – BSc Computer Science Part 3

Paper code: 13523
B.Sc. (Computer Science) (Part 3)
Examination, 2018
Paper No. 2.2

Time: Three Hours] [Maximum Marks: 50


Note: Attempt questions from each section as per instructions.


Note: Attempt all the six questions. Each question carries 5 marks.

1. What are the characteristics of a system? Describe.

2. Draw and explain the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) model.

3. Define the term “Feasibility”. How to determine whether a project can be feasible or not?

4. Explain the term DFD, data dictionary using any real world example.

5. Describe the procedure for determining the cost/benefit required to implement any project.

6. Differentiate between various types of file organizations with proper examples.


Note: Attempt any five questions. Each question carries 3 marks.

7. How maintenance is performed for any project after its delivery?

8. How to build a good oral presentation?

9. What are the design methodologies for designing a system?

10. Define “Database”. How it should be designed?

11. Explain the various levels of quality assurance.

12. How to perform the system testing? What is a “test-lan”?


13. What short notes on any five of the following:

  1. Decision tables
  2. Dimensions of planning
  3. α-testing and β-testing
  4. IPO-charts
  5. Data validation
  6. One quality assurance standard
  7. SRD


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