Name and Mascot Design Contest for Mumbai-Ahmedabad High Speed Rail and Win Rs 2,25,000/-

National High-Speed Rail Corporation Ltd (NHSRCL) is a joint venture between Govt. of India (through ministry of railways) and participating state governments (Gujarat & Maharashtra). NHSRCL is mandated to build India’s first high speed rail (commonly known as Bullet Train) between Mumbai & Ahmedabad.

NHSRCL is organizing a contest for the name and mascot for India’s first high speed train. Name and Mascot should represent the true nature of high speed rail and all the socio-economic benefits that will come with the introduction of this technology in India.

There will be two saperate entries for:

  1. Train name
  2. Mascot design (A mascot is an animal, toy, or symbol which is associated with a particular organization or event, and which is thought to bring good luck. like Indian Airline mascot)

The selected entry will be awarded a cash prize and five consolation entries will be awarded as follows
a) Mascot design: Winning prize: INR 1,00,000/- and five consolation prize for INR 10,000/- each
b) Train name: Winning prize: INR 50,000/- and five consolation prize for INR 5,000/- each

The last date of submission is 25th March, 2019.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The Competition is open to only Indian Citizens.
  2. Registered Organizations under relevant Indian laws are also eligible to participate.
  3. Each participant/organization is allowed to submit maximum one entry for each competition (Train name and Mascot design).
  4. The winning entry (including the consolation prize winners) for mascot and name would be the intellectual property of the NHSRCL and the winner cannot exercise any right over it, after acceptance of the prize.
  5. The prize-winning design of the Mascot and name is meant to be used by the NHSRCL for promotional and display purposes and also for any other use as may be deemed appropriate for the initiative.
  6. NHSRCL will have unfettered right to modify the prize winning Name and mascot (including the consolation prize winners) designs and add or delete any information or design feature in any form to it.
  7. The participant must be the same person who has conceptualized the design for the mascot & name, plagiarism would not be allowed. The participants can also be penalized for this as per law.
  8. Please note that the design proposed for the mascot must be original and should not violate any provision of the Indian Copyright Act, 1957.
  9. Anyone found infringing on others copyright would be disqualified from the Competition. NHSRCL does not bear any responsibility for copyright violations or infringements of intellectual property carried out by the participants.
  10. NHSRCL will give the award money either online or through cheque only in the name of the participant/applicant.
  11. Each entry should be accompanied by a brief description (not more than 500 words) on the idea/concept behind the submitted entry. Why participant think that this is the most suitable entry for this competition?
  12. All entries shall be in JPEG or PDF format only. Finally selected entries shall submit original software files (.cdr etc) to NHSRCL in a pen drive.
  13. Multiple submissions of entries by the same participant would not be considered.
  14. The results of the Competition would be declared on MyGov portal.
  15. Entries would be judged on the basis of elements of creativity, originality, composition, Brand image simplicity, merit and visual impact and how well they communicate and promote identity of NHSRCL.

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With the construction of High-Speed rail corridor, India will join the elite club of 15 nations having this sophisticated technology within our reach. This project will bring a world-class cutting-edge technology to the service of this nation along with the transfer of technology from Japan.
Mumbai – Ahmedabad High Speed Rail will cover distance of 508 Km in approximately three hours while covering twelve stations in Maharashtra, Gujarat and Union territory of Dadra & Nagar Haveli.

The High-Speed Rail (HSR) project apart from being a technological marvel, would afford many quantifiable benefits like saving in travel time, vehicle operation cost, reduction in pollution, job creation, reduction in accidents/ enhanced safety, imported fuel substitution, and reduction in pollutants. The project will also boost the infrastructure and add to the growth of economy.

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